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School Safety: Cell Phones, Camera Phones, and Pager Issues
School Safety: Cell Phones, Camera Phones, & Pagers. National America. Cell Phones Can Detract From School Safety & Crisis Preparedness.

Vibelet.com - bringing pleasure to your phone!
Vibelet - turn your mobile phone into a vibrating massager! Purring Kitty, the world's first and best cell phone vibrator software.

Cell Phone Comparisons -- Compare ratings and choose the best
Cell phone comparisons, cell phone comparison, compare cell phones, ratings for wireless phones and cellular plans from Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, and others

Radiation Research Contents 1999
REVIEW JE Moulder, LS Erdreich, RS Malyapa, J. Merritt, WF Pickard and Vijayalaxmi Cell Phones and Cancer: What Is the Evidence for a Connection?

trAce Online Writing Centre - Opinion
Are cell phones new media? Adriana de Are cell phones new media? by Adriana de Souza e Silva 29/Oct/2004. What’s new media? We have

Bogus E-Mail Worries Users Of Cell Phones (washingtonpost.com)
Bogus E-Mail Worries Users Of Cell Phones. "It's too expensive for telemarketers," even if they were permitted to call cell phones, Fishburn said.

Cell phones coverage map of Malaysia
Click Here. Cell phones in Malaysia. Cell phone networks in Malaysia Network. System. GPRS. HSCSD. Frequency. Mobikom, D-AMPS, n/a, n/a, ? Celcom, ETACS, n/a, n

REVIEW Cell Phones and Cancer: What Is the Evidence for a

Cellular Phones
In fact, the number of cellular phones sold in the United States in 1995 was higher than the national birth rate for the same period!

CBS News | Exploding Cell Phones Spur Recalls | November 26, 2004
Exploding Cell Phones Spur Recalls WASHINGTON, Nov. The lithium-ion batteries found in most cell phones can overheat if, for example, heat vents are covered.

The Shifted Librarian: Pool of Library Patrons Using Cell Phones
December 14, 2004. Pool of Library Patrons Using Cell Phones Is Growing Exponentially. Cellphones: Once a Status Symbol, Now a Necessity

Journal Gazette | 12/05/2004 | Phone booths resurrected for cell
Posted on Sun, Dec. 05, 2004. Communications Phone booths resurrected for cell users. “With cell phones, nothing seems to be private anymore,” Whitmore said.

MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Cell phones - do they cause
Cell phones - do they cause cancer? Information. Information. Do cell phones cause cancer? Many people would like to know the answer to the question.

Cell phone batteries explode, causing recalls - billingsgazette.
Over the past two years, federal safety officials have received 83 reports of cell phones exploding or catching fire, usually because of incompatible, faulty

The New Atlantis - Our Cell Phones, Ourselves - Christine Rosen
Our Cell Phones, Ourselves. Christine Rosen. Today, more people have cell phones than fixed telephone lines, both in the United States and internationally.

AnniesCostumes.com-Costumes for Your Cell Phones - Cell Phone
Costumes For Your Cell Phones! We have a variety of Furry Phone Friends to fit many different cell phones - bar and flip styles.

T-Mobile USA: Cell phones, plans, and services to help you get
T-Mobile cellular and wireless internet services. Cellular plans for individuals, family and business.

AskMen.com - Cell phones brain cancer
Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer? Nevertheless, many individuals claim that repeated RF exposure from cell phones, even at low levels, may cause brain tumors.

PRESS RELEASE: New Cell Phones on the Net
New Cell Phones on the Net. (PRWEB) November 26, 2004 -- Heard about on line businesses? Learn How to Start a Cell Phone Business! Take advantage of the market.

Exploding Cell Phones a Growing Problem
Safety officials have received 83 reports of cell phones exploding or catching fire in the past two years, usually because of bad batteries or chargers.

Cell phones are hot with teens - 06/05/00
Cell phones are hot with teens Parents like their safety; kids enjoy their style If she's unable to reach them by cell phones, she gets worried.

Cell Phones Radiation Dangers cellular phones
Radio frequency study on radiation emission of wireless cell phones,dangers and possible health hazards. CELL PHONES RADIATION. DANGERS.

PCWorld.com - Cell Phone Makers Call on Linux
NEC said Wednesday it is working on the development of Linux-based cell phones with MontaVista Software, and an executive of the Sunnyvale, California

Yahoo! News - XM CEO Sees Satellite Radio on Cell Phones
Entertainment - Reuters Industry. Reuters XM CEO Sees Satellite Radio on Cell Phones. Wed Dec 1, 7:25 PM ET.

Cell Phone Recycling Donation - Donate Old Used Cellular phone to
Old Cell Phones Get a Second Chance The Charitable Recycling Team wants to assist you and the environment by making it easy to dispose of used cell phones.

Yahoo! News - Indian Movie to Debut on Cell Phones
Related Web Sites. • How a Cell Phone Works. • CeBIT. • Cell Phone Facts. Technology - AP. AP Indian Movie to Debut on Cell Phones. Wed Dec 8,10:33 AM ET.

International Cell Phone Rental, Satellite Phone Rental
International cell phones and satellite phones, provided by Mobal - Home of the $49 World Phone. International cell phones and satellite phone rental.

ACS :: Cellular Phones
Cell phones do not emit ionizing radiation, the type that damages DNA and is known to have the ability to cause cancer. Cellular

Hold the Phone? Radiation from cell phones hurts rats' brains
A single 2-hour exposure to the microwaves emitted by some cell phones kills brain cells in rats. Hold the Phone? Radiation from cell phones hurts rats' brains.

HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - powered by
Welcome to the HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource. Marketplace. HowardForums.com Need a new phone? Need your new phone unlocked?

Mobile Phones, Cell Phones, Cellular Phones, Fax Machines
Looking For Mobile Phones, Cell Phones, Cellular Phones, Fax Machines? Looking for Mobile Phones UK, Fax Machines, Cell Phones, New Mobile Phones?

Macs & Cell Phones
Larry McMunn Both one of my partners and I have Verizon cell phones. Bill Walker Larry McMunn wrote: "Both one of my partners and I have Verizon cell phones.

Cell Phone Rental, Rent Mobile Phone Hire
Cell Phone Hire World Wide. You can buy a LINE and keep it ready for such trips as well as a SIM Free GSM phone that would work with this line. USA Cell Phones.

free cellular phones :: motorola cell phones :: free cell phone
Browse free cell phone offers, services, rates, deals, comparisons and reviews of wireless service plans and prepaid cell phones.

CBS News | Telemarketers Eye Cell Phones | December 17, 2004 20:30
Telemarketers Eye Cell Phones NEW YORK, Dec. 17, 2004 Cell Phone List Online. Telemarketers Eye Cell Phones Mobile Numbers - Now Unpublished - Will Soon Be

CNN.com - Girl burned when cell phone catches fire - Jul 1, 2004
A 16-year-old California girl suffered second degree burns Thursday when her cell phone caught fire in her back pocket, according to the Ontario Fire Department

BusinessWeek Online: Technology Special Report
CELL PHONES AT THE CROSSROADS Who'll Survive the Cellular Crisis? Facing a laundry list of woes, the cellular industry is in turmoil

The Tech Zone Computer Hardware Reviews
The History of Cell Phones – A Vision Realized. The History of Cell Phones – A Vision Realized. Samuel Morse was a man of vision.

SSRN-A Comparison of the Cell Phone Driver and the Drunk Driver by
Keywords: cell phones, drunk drivers, performance, legislation. JEL Classifications: L50. Working Paper Series. Abstract has been viewed 4046 times.

Cellular Abroad: GSM Rentals and Cell Phone Sales for
You may either rent or purchase one of Cellular Abroad's international cell phones plus the appropriate SIM card (a prepaid chip that slides into the cell

CDMA Phone as Mac OS X Modem
Note that this is not the same thing as their optional Mobile Web service, which is for WAP-enabled cell phones and costs extra per month.

Learn why Nextel is for doers like you. Shop for Nextel phones and accessories. Phones Rate Plans Accessories Ring Tones/Games Promotions Package Deals.

Technology News Article | Reuters.com
YOU ARE HERE: Home > News > Technology & Science > Technology > Article. advertisement. XM CEO Sees Satellite Radio on Cell Phones. Wed Dec 1, 2004 07:24 PM ET.

Welcome to Technology Review
Qualcomm and Texas Instruments have unveiled two competing schemes for delivering video to cell phones that bypass 3G. Is the market

Morgan Lee Dot Org - Partnership for Safe Driving and Cell Phone
Cell Phone Safety Tips. PLEASE NOTE: HELP A REPORTER WRITING ON THIS ISSUE: A reporter is researching the issue of driving while talking on cell phones.

Nokia 6800 Phone
$249.99, $0.00 to $79.99 þ Buy with plan and rebates >> Free shipping on all phones, Tools. Compare Phones >> View and compare Nokia phones side-by-side.

Vodafone New Zealand: cell phones, ring tones, mobiles, plans
Vodafone - mobile phones, cell phones. New Zealand call plans and coverage details.

Clark Howard: Tips on Cell phones
Technology: Cell phones Teens are buying up cell phones left and right and the pre-paid market is booming (with prices dropping).

Cell phones 

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