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Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences (JCICS)
Covers topics such as database search systems, use of graph theory in chemical problems, substructure - Global Splash
Official Sony Playstation Company Web Sites.

Computers and Internet in the Yahoo! Directory
Services@. Additional Categories. Communications and Networking (1112); Computer Generated Art@; Computer Generated Music@; Computer Science

eTrust™ EZ Antivirus 2005 - CA Consumer Software Store CA
eTrust™ EZ Antivirus detects and removes 100% of computer viruses “in the wild”* – keeping you safe from virtually all known virus threats.

Seeking Exceptional Achievements in Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (Los Angeles) - The 32nd annual conference on computer graphics and

The New York Times News Services
The New York Times Syndicate distributes premium news and feature content to newspapers, magazines and Web sites throughout the world.

EPoX Website
EPoX is a manufacturer of motherboards, video cards and communication products for the personal computer. Copyright c 2003-2005 EPoX Computer.

Computer Darkroom
Computer-Darkroom. Sunset, Vatsnes Peninsula, Iceland. On these pages you will find instructive feature articles, tutorials, reviews

Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
Gives you insight into the world of human communication online through its monthly magazine archive and current news feeds.

CNET -- Technology news and business reports
BusinessWeek Welcome to Unpleasanton. SF Gate Did computer cheat in Kasparov showdown? Wired News Hollywood's greatest fear: BitTorrent. SF Gate.

Springer - Your Publishers of Books, Journals, and Electronic
Springer is a leading international publishing company with 1250 journals and 3500 new book titles yearly. Subject areas include the sciences, medicine, economics

Standards for commercial security products are set by ICSA Labs
The goal of ICSA Certification is to improve significantly commercial computer trust and security by improving the implementation, sales and use of appropriate

MCN - Museum Computer Network
The Museum Computer Network is a nonprofit organization of professionals dedicated to fostering the cultural aims of museums through the use of computer

Computer Security Information
Computer Security Information. This page features general information about computer security. Information is organized by source

Australian Computer Society
The Australian Computer Society (ACS) as the recognised association for IT professionals, has become the public voice of the IT professional and the guardian

Welcome to Computer Music
There is a problem with the installation files for SpinEQ CM and the RoomVerb M2 demo on the Computer Music 78 CD, resulting in both not working under any VST High-Tech Dictionary
The online dictionary includes the newest computer and technology glossary of high tech terms, including abbreviations and acronyms, chat

UW-Madison Computer Sciences Department Home Page
Computer Sciences, Computer Sciences Dept. Madison Panorama. Welcome to the CS home page Our department, formed in 1963 and led by

Attorney General Ashcroft Speaks Out on Computer Crime Picture of Attorney General John Ashcroft linking to the text of his speech on Computer Crime Watch the

Computer Jobs: IT High Tech Jobs for Job Search & Recruiting
Computer Jobs offers High Tech Job Search and IT position posting, Technical Employment for Computer Professionals to post online resumes | Employers view

Computer Bits Online: Table of Contents
COLUMNS The Computer Curmudgeon Discoveries • Frank Vaughan Business Linux Farewell, My Friends • Carla Schroder Surfing The Internet Last chance for year

Virtual Computer Library
Academic Computing. Book Reviews. Computer Technology. Conferences. Documentation. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Internet Information. Journals/Magazines.

DBLP Bibliography
Links. Research Groups: Database Systems - Logic Programming; Computer Science Organizations: ACM ( DL / SIGMOD / SIGIR), IEEE Computer Society (DL), IFIP,

University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering
CSE: Computer Animation Capstone: Mira and the Wind (Spring 2000). University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering includes

Hauppauge Computer Works
United States.

Computer Cops. The following is the collective response from the Aluria Software Executive Team comprised of folks such as Rick Carlson and James Manning to our

Computer Science Division | EECS at UC Berkeley
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California Berkeley. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCES. Computer Science Division.

Mainboards from a Total Quality producer.

Welcome to US-CERT
Home user or new to computer security? Learn how you can protect your computer from security threats. Corporate computer professional

Department of Computer Science | University of Illinois at Urbana
UIUC Computer Science Department. Department of Computer Science, Thomas M. Siebel Center for Computer Science, 201 N. Goodwin, Urbana, IL 61801-2302.

Government Computer News (GCN) home -- federal, state and local
Government Computer News reports on local, state and federal government information technology, particularly IT projects and policies directed by the chief

AntiOnline - Maximum Security for a Connected World: Info on
AntiOnline is your resource for computer security information, hacker, phreaker, snooper, virus and cracker info, security news, hot fixes, patches and IP

The Society for Modeling and Simulation International
The international, multidisciplinary forum dedicated to applications, development, education and research in modeling and simulation.

Computer and Communication Entry Page
Web index, database, and search engine for Computer and Communication related Web content - eg companies, organizations, media, projects, etc.

~Welcome to First International Computer, Inc.~
referenced herein belong to their respective companies. ©Copyright 2004 First International Computer, Inc. All rights reserved. ??.

Welcome to the Computer Museum of America
The new members of the Computer Hall of Fame are: 2004 Computer Museum of America, 7380 Parkway Drive, La Mesa, CA 91942 Questions about the website?

Computer And Videogames - News, Reviews, Previews
Computer and Video Games - The world's oldest games magazine and liveliest games site. Computer And Video Games. The World's oldest

Help-Site Computer Manuals
Links and search engine for thousands of computer related manuals and documents from around the web. Help-Site Computer Manuals - Main Index. Search. options.

Stanford Computer Science Department
CS Home News Admissions Courses Research. Computer Science Department. Computer Facilities Security | Software Expected Downtimes Pedit Spam Filter Settings.

Obsolete Computer Museum
Welcome to the Obsolete Computer Museum! Message boards! Click here for Obsolete Computer Museum-related Web Rings! Send comments to!

CRN : Vital Information For VARs And Technology Integrators.
CRN provides vital information for VARs and technology integrators., part of the Channelweb Network, delivers breaking news, technology- and event-driven

University of Cambridge: Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge Home, The Computer Laboratory. Computer Laboratory. Computer Laboratory. The Computer Laboratory is an academic

Home Computer Security
Home Computer Security. Table of Contents. Introduction Thinking About Thinking About Securing Your Home Computer. Before diving into

Howstuffworks "How Computer Viruses Work"
Computer viruses range from pesky to outright dangerous. Clicking on irreparable damage. Learn about the different types of computer.

Welcome to MAXON - 3D for the real world
MAXON Computer - The makers of the award winning CINEMA 4D and Bodypaint 3D.

Computer underground Digest WWW Site (
was a more-or-less weekly digest/newsletter/journal of debates, news, research, and discussion of legal, social, and other issues related to computer culture.


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