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Warner's Mips based PDA info Center
Warner's Mips based PDA info Center. Open Source projects. BCOM. MARS PDA, 75 MHz PR31700, PPC, 2.0, 4(8)/8(16), 240x320x4g, UCB1200, no. Casio.

PDA COIL REGISTRY. The PDA Coil Registry was formed in June, 1994 to establish a data base on PDA coil occlusion. Because the Gianturco

PDAmill - Pocket PC games, Palm games, Smartphone games
you've been in the Pocket PC gaming for long enough, you've probably heard about the Pocket PC Awards, the ultimate recognition of quality software for your PDA

43 Folders: Introducing the Hipster PDA
Introducing the Hipster PDA. Recently, I got sick to purchase and maintain. Let’s make one together. Building your first Hipster PDA.

Welcome to pdaPointer.com - The Handheld Software Center
Provides the opportunity to PDA software developers to market, distribute, and support their software. Got a new PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)?

ETSI Publications Download Area - Search Engine
ETSI Publications Download Area - Search Engine.

Personal digital assistant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Palm IIIxe PDA Enlarge. Palm IIIxe PDA. A basic PDA usually includes a clock, date book, address book, task list, memo pad and a simple calculator.

Pebbles Project Home
Supporting Individuals. Another set of applications supports a single user using the PDA as an extra input and output device. The

Palm Software
Windows, Mac, Linux, PDA, Mobile, Online Services, Purchase Software, Shopping. Epoc, Newton, Palm OS, Pocket PC, RIM. PDA > Palm OS. Newsletter sign-up:

Keyspan : USB PDA Adapter :
If you are a customer who needs to connect a serial PDA (ie Palm Pilot, Pocket PC, Sharp Wizard, etc.) to the USB port on a PC or Macintosh, please use our USB

PDA Medicine - VCU School of Medicine
Welcome. Welcome to the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine PDA Medicine site. Use this website to stay abreast of

The Largest Selection of Healthcare Software for the Palm OS
The Largest Selection of Healthcare PDA Software Online. Medical & Nursing. FDA CRF Clinical Trials NEW! GASNet PDA. Glasgow Coma Scale. HIPAA on HAND NEW! ICUmath

PDA Participatory Simulations @ MIT
Welcome to the MIT PDA Participatory Simulations Site. What are PDA Participatory Simulations? PDA Participatory Simulations use

Dictionaries, localization, games and other PDA software: Palm OS
PDA software: Palm OS, Windows CE / Pocket PC, Nokia 7650 / 3650 / 9210 Dictionaries, games, localization GET FREE! Get free PDA software.

Fossil Palm PDA
A wristwatch that runs Palm OS 4.1.

PDACorps.com - The Pocket PC Information Station
Click here for this weeks competition. Recent reviews. Bluetake iPhono review. Atlantis Redux review. Ectaco Translator review. Odyssey review. Invasion review.

PDA - Calendar
PDA supports pharmaceutical and scientific technology and regulation advances by promoting scientifically sound and technical information for education of

Wireless Developer Network
Microsoft Windows CE and PocketPC Devices EPOC Development Tools - Tools for the Symbian EPOC OS Operating Systems - Popular handheld and PDA operating systems

PDAs for Health Care Providers: Bibliography
PDAs for Health Care Providers. Health Care Journal Articles The PDA Bibliography. My dog ate my PDA: the use of handheld computers in an inclusive classroom.

The Herald
NEWS TO YOUR PDA. Get The Herald hand delivered straight to your palm. Now, no matter where you are, you can stay connected with The Herald through your PDA.

Pulse Data International - BrailleNote PK
The BrailleNote BT provides a choice of output options by combining a crisp high definition Braille display with clear, responsive speech - available with either

PDA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
PDA. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. PDA may stand for: personal digital assistant, a type of handheld computer. public

Megan K Fox Web & Electronic Resources Librarian Simmons College
How the academic library is using PDA technologies: Resources and Sample Projects Last Updated 10/03. PDA Projects in Libraries: Library PDA Resources.

News for PDA ». channelnewsasia.com - News on your handheld device -. NEWS Download news onto your PDA and bring it with you wherever you go.

PDATopSoft - PDA Software resource for Palm OS, Pocket PC, Windows
PDAtopsoft.com: PDA software download resource for Palm, PocketPC, Windows CE, Visor, iPaq, Toshiba, RIM, EPOC, Symbian OS, Sony Clie, Dell and Psion.

Welcome to the Inquirer Mobile/PDA Page
31. UK lottery goes mobile Accusations of naffness fly Thursday 14 October 2004, 09:28. Dell launches 3D PDA Axim X50V is the name

Download ICQ For PDA - PDA Center - ICQ.com
Click here to visit our advertiser. PDA Center - Download ICQ For PDA. Main | ICQ for the Palm OS® Help | ICQ® for Pocket PC Help. What is PDA?

personal digital assistant - a Whatis.com definition - see also
PDA (personal digital assistant) is a term for any small mobile hand-held device that provides computing and information storage and retrieval capabilities for

About Us/Help | csmonitor.com
Sign up for our AvantGo edition for PDAs — If you own a personal digital assistant (PDA), like a Palm or Handspring, you can now subscribe to a special new

IT AsiaOne - PDA
Get a Grip. Downloads top 10 new stuff. Gadgets MP3/Audio digital cameras game devices PDA/handhelds mobile phones. All PDA Reviews.

PDAs for Health Care Providers
Hardware, applications, health-related sites, and tools covering the use of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) in hospitals, clinics and education.

pdaPhoneHome - a place for pda phone owners
pdaPhoneHome.com provides pda phone owners with news, forums, FAQ about PocketPC Phone Edition, Treo, Thera, Nokia Communicator, Kyocera, Danger Sidekick.

Operation Enduring Freedom: Why a Higher Rate of Civilian Bombing
http://www.comw.org/pda/0201oef.html. Become a PDA Sustainer. PDA Bulletin 8 to 12 editions a year Enter your e-mail address: (email address privacy assured).

Weather Underground Mobile Page
wunderground.com. Units: English | Metric Find the Weather for any City, State or Zipcode, or Country: US State List | Severe Weather

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Index of /. Name Last modified Size Description Parent Directory 15-Jun-2004 11:38 - Apache/1.3.33 Server at www.pdaforums.com Port 80

=> PDA Concepts Home Page
Have you seen the New Satellite and Hand Stand PDA carrying cases? Visit Copyright 1997-1999 PDA Concepts. Hosted by ProHosting. Pilot

The Connected PDA
The Connected PDA Using wireless PDAs to stay connected to the Internet while on the go. Otherwise, I'll see you over at The Connected PDA Treo 600 Moblog!

Polyphonic Ringtones - Mobile Ringtones @ Mobile PDA
Find mobile ringtones, polyphonic ringtones, mobile games, wallpaper and more.

PDAparts.com - Palm, Visor, Clie, iPAQ & PDA Parts, Accessory &
Palm, iPAQ, Visor, Axim, Clie & PDA Digitizer, Palm, iPAQ, Visor, Axim, Clie & PDA Complete Screen, Palm, iPAQ, Visor, Axim, HP, Clie & PDA Batteries.

The URL www.pda247.com will soon be removed
The URL www.pda247.com will soon be removed. Please update your bookmarks to www.palm247.com and www.windowsmobile247.com. www.smartphone247

3-Lib - Psion and Symbian software and conversion services
3-Lib, for the Psion freeware and shareware library, with articles and information for all Psion and Symbian palmtops, smartphones and communicators, plus

Sprint PPC-6601 First Thoughts (Audiovox Pocket PC Phone 6601)
pda search, Most Popular PDAs. Plantronics Inc. Plantronics M3500 Bluetooth Headset New Price: $94.99. New PDA Releases. 2/1/2005, Motorola MPx.


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